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Who are the VHF Pirates?

2016 Jamaica

The VHF pirates were activate at a villa near Duncans, Jamaica starting June 21st and ending July 5th, 2016.  We activated grid FK18. Jamaica is, of course, IOTA NA-097.

The VHF pirates completed 620 QSOs on 6m, 279 QSOs on 2m EME and 1500 QSOs on 17/30 meters. 


6m station:


Radio: K3 and KPA500

Antenna: 7 element Yagi on a 16 foot boom on 20 foot mast perched on the edge of a 500 foot slope to the Caribbean

2m station:


Radio: Flex Radio 1500, Down East Microwave transverter, W6PQL LDMOS amplifier

Antenna: Four times 9 over 9 element cross-polarized yagis on home made base aimed to the moon using ropes

HF station:


Radio: Elecraft KX3, Elecraft KXPA100 amplifier

Antenna: Inverted vee at 30 feet for 30 and 17 meters

VHF Pirates Team:

Left to right: N6CW, K2KW, AA7A, WO7R and W4KXY

Logging and Electronic Confirmation

We have uploaded logs to Clublog and LOTW.